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Mâäk + Trance Mission
@ Unterfahrt, München

25 November 2011 09:00

For years Mâäk in it's musical research  has been pushing the encounter with the roots of traditional trance music. They have  been visiting and inviting the bambara hunters of Mali, gnawas from Morrocco and vodun trance musicians from Benin. Bringing back the spirit of ancestral music and mixing it with a modern jazz approach.

Trance mission follows this same way of working , and has been working with Maalem Hassan "El Gadiri" Zgarhi, master of gnawa music from Marrakech, for several years.

It is obvious that both projects follow the same mission of transmission of trance music and this explains how their fusion is now so natural. The gnawa music carries the multiple ideas of sound changes and improvised riffs and then the listener travels through the different colours of this trance rythm.

The musicians:

Hassan Zgarhi known as "el Gadiri": Gumbri, vocals
Samir Zgarhi: Qarqaba, vocals
Abdelhadi Erribahi: Qarqaba, vocals
Laurent Blondiau: Trumpet
Jeroen Van Herzeele: Tenor Sax
Quentin Manfroy: Flute
Giovanni di Domenico: Keyboards
Joao Lobo: Drums
Gégoire Tirtiaux: Baritone Sax, vocals