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Matters: Soundpainting
@ Festival des Libertés, Brussels

26 November 2011 09:00

Soundpainting is the sign language of live composing created by the New York composer Walter Thompson in the 1970s. After a year and a half of language work, MATTERS is delivering its most accomplished creation for Festival des Libertés, including four dancers, two actors and ten musicians to perform a multi-disciplinary composition for the first time ever. In the blink of an eye, an orchestra conductor flashes signs, and the artists propose elements for the composition: sound, movements and text. The conductor collects and arranges these, brings the artists together and composes in real time. All of this happens very quickly, in an instant, and it is totally unique. An absolute must to see and hear live.

Dancers: Yoann Boyer, Aude Cartoux, Sarah Ludi, Benjamin Vandewalle • Actors: Dominique Patuelli, Gregory Bracco • Trumpet: Laurent Blondiau • Cello: Marine Horbaczewski • Stand-up and electric bass: Cyrille de Haes • Guitars: Gilles Yvanez • Viola: Jean-François Durdu • Violin: Benoit Leseure • Saxophones: Grégoire Tirtiaux • Saxophones: François Lourtie • Clarinets: Yann Lecollaire • Drums: Joao Lobo