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Mâäk's Electro Project

Since 2011 we have a new project called Project Electro. 

This project is very free and improvised. It was performed for the first time on August 5th 2011 at Recyclart, Brussels. This was so much fun and the reactions during this concert were so positive and overwhelming that we decided to continue with the project. 

Not only musicians are involved in this unique project, we also invited dancers who improvise during the performance as well. 

This is what happens when electronic sounds meets dance meets acoustic music meets light!



Laurent Blondiau: trumpet | Guillaume Orti: altsax | Nico Roig: bass guitar  | Giovanni Di Domenico: fender rhodes  | João Lobo: drums  | Yipoon: breakdance/hip hop  | Yvan Berthem: hip hop/bopping/contemporary dance  | Sarah Ludi: contemporary dance  | Sam Mary: lights

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