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Kawral (Burkina Faso – Belgium)

Kawral - The Encounter

A playful co-creation between Mâäk and Salia Sanou, the multitalended choreographer from Burkina Faso. Electronic sounds, light and dance meet each other, enriched by the dance moves of five artists from Ouagadougou.

Kawral initiates the encounter of two apparently very distant artistic worlds: the musical universe of the Mâäk collective (European band led by Laurent Blondiau) meets five Burkinabe dancers, choreographed by Salia Sanou.

During the show, the dancers' bodies mingle with musical instruments during physical meetings, each universe taking a step towards the other. The bodies and the instruments come together, rub, move away, confront. Each rhythm and sound, gesture and movement is given the freedom to get lost in the world of the other, to meet and rebuild. These movements also represent the habits that are part of our body language and determine our way of looking at others: how do we listen, how do we express ourselves?

Yet Kawral does not hide behind a conceptual idea, other than the beauty of the encounter, instinctive and natural. The energy, resulting between the merging of the musicians of Mâäk Electro Project and the dancers of Burkina Faso, follows a well-defined choreographic path, meticulously directed by Salia Sanou. The encounter is very free and spontaneous, like an organic chaos with lots of improvisation, but constantly changing.

For Kawral is primarily a feeling. Through the choreography, the play of light, the decor, the energy of the dancers and the improvisational talent of the musicians, the viewer can co-imagine the story he or she feels. Everyone can create his or her world during the concert, a world where North and South meet, where different lifestyles come together and discover each other. And as always, outside the rhythm and the virtuosity, there is still time for play, honesty and humor.

Choreography : Salia Sanou

Musical director : Laurent Blondiau 


With : Lynn Cassiers (voice – electronics) | Laurent Blondiau (trumpet – electronics) | Giovanni Di Domenico (Fender Rhodes) | Norberto Lobo (bass guitar) | João Lobo (drums) | Michael Nana (dance) | Mariam Traore (dance) | Daouda Zerbo (dance) | Lucie Ouédraogo (dance), Ibrahim Zongo (dance) | Sam Mary (light)

Info: Laurent Blondiau (

Kawral is a co-production between MET-X (BE), Théâtre 140 (BE), Théâtre Jean Vilar de Vitry-sur-Seine (FR), La Biennale du Val de Marne (FR)