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Kawral (Burkina Faso – Belgium)

Kawral - the encounter // Mâäk and Salia Sanou (Burkina Faso – Belgium)

Whether you were born in Africa, Europe or elsewhere, rhythm and sound are at the very core of our lives, the centre of our every gesture, in our every movement. Both our silences and our words have a certain rhythm and sound, that are part of our existence. Our habits, rooted in our body, determine how we look at others, how we listen to others and how we express ourselves. The silence of some can be deafening to the other and vice-versa. 

Kawral initiates the encounter of two allegedly very distant artistic worlds: the universe of music and sound of the European collective Mâäk – under artistic direction of Laurent Blondiau – meets the universe of five Burkinabe dancers, choreographed by Salia Sanou.
Kawral is a time of organic chaos where the bodies of the dancers mingle with musical instruments, through these physical encounters, each universe taking a step towards the other. The space itself expands or reduces, is constructed and deconstructed at the whim of these encounters. The bodies and the instruments come closer and move away, rub against and confront each other. Each rhythm and sound, every gesture and movement giving them the freedom to lose themselves in the universe of the other to further explore and reconstruct their own.

Choreography : Salia Sanou

Musical director : Laurent Blondiau 


With : Lynn Cassiers (voice – electronics) | Laurent Blondiau (trumpet – electronics) | Giovanni Di Domenico (Fender Rhodes) | Norberto Lobo (bass guitar) | João Lobo (drums) | Michael Nana (dance) | Mariam Traore (dance) | Daouda Zerbo (dance) | Lucie Ouédraogo (dance), Ibrahim Zongo (dance) | Sam Mary (light)

Info: Laurent Blondiau (

Kawral is a co-production between MET-X (BE), Théâtre 140 (BE), Théâtre Jean Vilar de Vitry-sur-Seine (FR), La Biennale du Val de Marne (FR)