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Ghalia Benali & Mâäk: MwSOUL

The Tunisian artist Ghalia Benali needs no further introduction in the European and Arab music scene throughout the world. In recent years and with different projects she performed on many international stages, galvanizing diverse audiences with her voice, dance and impressive stage presence. Her latest project is called MwSOUL, meaning "connection". Inspired by several events that touched the Arab world, Benali felt the urge to create and communicate. 

"I was singing what the people were writing. I’m living in Belgium, they’re living in Egypt, Tunisia, Palestine, Syria and, truly, we communicate. “Connection” is the concept. "Al-Wassel", therefore  connection. In Classical Literary Arabic, we say: "Mawssouline", "Al-Wassel ", "Wassel ", it's about being linked, connected to something. Over there, they are told: stay connected. Stay "Mawssouline…"

MwSOUL might be Benali’s most Soufi and spiritually orientated project so far. The repertoire was written by her and arranged by jazz collective Mâäk. Some of the lyrics are written by young Arab poets, others by herself. The breath and the rhythm are the basic driving forces throughout the whole project, both for the voice as for the wind instruments. The pulse is naturally provided by oud, drums & percussions. MwSOUL is rooted in soul, breaths life and exhales energy. It is about the silent yet ever present connection between two creating beings, between past and future, between death and life. 

Mw’Soul will release a first album in spring 2017 on the label ‘De Werf Records’

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Ghalia Benali: Vocals
Laurent Blondiau: Trumpets
Michel Massot: Tuba
Quentin Manfroy: Flutes 
Sylvain Debaisieux
Stephan Pougin: Percussion

Compositions: Ghalia Benali
Arrangements: Mâäk 
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